Who we are?

The “NSS” Association established in 2003 for comprehensive protection and security of business structures. We bring together the vast, versatile experience of professionals who have been involved in this field for over 25 years.

Ensuring the security of companies and individuals requires a comprehensive approach and unique practical skills. To solve your problems «NSS» has everything: resources, competencies, knowledge and successful experience confirmed by the largest state and commercial companies.

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Activites of our company

We remove the vulnerabilities of your business. This is not only a solution to acute problems right now, but also a prevention of their occurrence in the future.

  • We are developing a regulatory framework to prevent business acquisition and disposal
  • We protect corporate information
  • Optimise management work
  • Implementing safety control technologies
  • Minimizing risks

You can talk to us openly – we find solutions to even the most difficult problems.

Why “NSS”?

To remove the points of vulnerability of a business – business risk management, business process security – one can only know the subtle aspects of its work from within.

Knowledge of specificity is one of the main advantages of «NSS»: we have thoroughly studied business models and nuances of the work of companies in most branches. Thanks to this we not only solve the problems, but also find vulnerabilities of your business.

Our branch experience:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Construction
  • Road facilities
  • Agricultural complex
  • Food production
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Banking

Since 1996, the “NSS” Association member companies have successfully provided security to public and commercial entities in all their business dimensions.

Trust the Great!

Trust the Great!

Trust the Great!