About Us

Currently, every economic entity, as well as every individual, is confronted with a legal question or problem that requires competent, qualified assistance, sometimes of an urgent nature.

A lack of qualified assistance in this case may not only solve the problem but also aggravate it, at the same time, professional assistance will provide reliable protection of rights and interests, save money, time and nerves of the client. Moreover, a competent professional cannot be replaced by a reference legal system or a book.

We provide legal assistance to both individuals and organizations in various branches of law.

The provision of competent and qualified legal assistance is a guarantee of the success of our lawyers, who have extensive experience of judicial representation in civil and arbitration cases in various categories of cases, related to the recognition of ownership of immovable property, appeals against actions (inactions) of State bodies and officials, decisions of State bodies, recovery of debts from legal and natural persons, bankruptcy of legal entities, etc.; knowledge of the specificities of civil, construction and corporate affairs; debt securities legislation, labor, inheritance and family laws, as well as the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

A successful modern business organization is inextricably linked to systematic economic profit-making, leveraging capital, which often goes hand in hand with collateral security, the purchase and sale of objects and other transactions in the securities and real estate market, often accompanied by one of the most difficult tasks – the formalization and redesign of land and legal relations.

All the above and other legal matters are handled by our lawyers.