Any violation of labour laws is unwanted attention by the supervisory authorities and severe fines. How to avoid this?

The answer is to build a personnel management system that avoids such risks. Experienced professionals should be brought in to work on it. It is up to them to conduct a personnel audit, identify typical errors and make recommendations to avoid them in the future.

The NSS Association consists of companies whose expertise allows:

  • Conduct a professional review of the current human resources management system
  • Provide expert advice on errors, inaccuracies and deficiencies
  • Make recommendations and propose remedial measures
  • Develop internal document workflow standards for your business

The services of the member companies of the Association are available both on a one-off basis and on a permanent basis. The restoration or establishment of a personnel administration system is their area of expertise and main activity.

Reduce your financial burden! You can transfer the management of all personnel administration, thereby saving a significant amount of money on the remuneration of your own personnel department.