About SRO

Security was, is and still remains one of the fundamental rights of a free individual. It is a prerequisite for the development of society, its progress and the establishment of a strong State based on the rule of law as a whole.

The late 20th and early 21st centuries were marked by a series of social upheavals throughout the world. As a result, it was not only individual countries – entire regions of the world – that had to seek new ways and approaches to security. Economy, business, state structures, citizens – this turbulence has affected everyone.

Issues and problems related to personal, public and State security are of particular relevance to our country. The 1990s were marked by a change in the very structure of social relations. As a result, command-and-control security management has not been effective.

This crucial task required private initiative. In this way, an open market for security services has emerged in our country, for which demand has been consistently high for almost 30 years.

High competition in this market is the best regulator. Thanks to it modern private security companies have increased their professional skills to such a high level that they are capable of meeting the most difficult challenges. Analysis of the market shows that their services are as good as those of the federal and departmental security structures.Moreover, the State now entrusts private security companies with the security of large municipal and federal facilities.

The growing complexity, value and importance of protected facilities in both the commercial and public sectors are new challenges for modern private security companies. The developed material and technical base, considerable human resources, insurance of possible damages and liability – much of this list becomes a prerequisite for successful work in the market of security services.

As a result, the demand for the services of PSC-individuals is constantly decreasing, because they are inferior not only in the level of equipment, but also in the quality of their work. They do not have sufficient resources to hire professionals, provide round-the-clock response, monitor the situation, install and maintain modern equipment, communications equipment, personal protective equipment, etc. Consequently, such companies cannot guarantee the customer an adequate level of security of the guarded facility.

Friends, colleagues and partners! Today, the market for security services demands the highest quality of services, confirmed by professionalism and insurance guarantees.

SRO «NSS» in its practices is guided by international standards of security activity. Rest assured that with the cooperation of the companies that are members of SRO, all contractual obligations will be fully implemented and the security of your facilities will be provided at the highest level.