Execution proceeding

List of services in Execution proceeding:

  • Enforcement of the Russian Federation arbitral courts decisions
  • Recognition of decisions of foreign courts of international courts by an arbitral court of the Russian Federation and enforcement of court decisions in the Russian Federation
  • Enforcement of arbitral courts’ decisions in the territory of the Russian Federation

Legal services in execution proceedings are addressed to:

  • Claimants in need of arbitration courts of the Russian Federation decision enforcement
  • Claimants in need of arbitral courts of foreign States and international arbitral courts decisions enforcement
  • Claimants in need of arbitral courts decisions enforcement

Legal actions carried out in execution proceedings:

  • Represents the Creditor’s interests in banks and other credit organizations
  • Represents the interests of the Client in state bodies, institutions, arbitration courts, Federal Bailiff Service, law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation
  • Conducts negotiations and correspondence with the Debtor, its shareholders on behalf of the Customer and in agreement with him
  • Takes measures aimed at finding money, securities, other movable and immovable property of the Debtor, attaching to accounts and other property of the Debtor, controlling the realization of debtor’s distrained property
  • Appeal against unlawful acts/omissions by Federal Bailiff Service officials
  • If necessary and with the agreement of the Client, requests the law enforcement agencies to initiate criminal cases against the Debtor’s leaders
  • Performs other legally significant actions in the interests of the Client in accordance with the legislation on execution and enforcement of the court decision

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