Land estate

Legal services in the area of land relations are intended for:

  • Land parcel owners
  • Investment companies and private investors in land assets
  • Land buyers and sellers
  • Land lessees
  • Land lessors
  • Real estate developers
  • Construction companies

Issues for which land relations legal services are provided:

  • Legal support for land purchase and sale
  • Legal support for State registration of land ownership
  • Legal services in judicial disputes over ownership, land leases
  • Legal services for the protection of interests in mortgage land disputes
  • Legal support for disputes between land lessors and lessees
  • Legal support for the transfer of land from one category to another
  • Legal services for the protection of rights in land disputes with state and municipal authorities

Types of legal services in land matters:

  • Legal expertise of land parcels title and other documents, verification of the «purity of history» of land parcel on purchase
  • Legal advice on land legislation
  • Legal documentation, land purchase and sale contracts
  • Legal support for obtaining cadastre records, changes in cadastral land evaluation
  • Representation of the interests of the buyer or the seller in the registration authorities with a purpose of obtaining a certificate of State registration of land rights and transactions
  • Comprehensive legal support for land investment projects
  • Legal defence in land disputes before the courts
  • Legal support for enforcement proceedings in land disputes

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