Organization's aims and purposes


  • Develop a self-sustained initiative in terms of creation and implementation of professional security standards and rules
  • Monitoring compliance with these standards and regulations
  • Representing and defending the interests of SRO members at all levels
  • Ensuring financial and property security for consumers of security services


  • Active participation in the development of a dynamic, competitive, professional security market and its legal regulation
  • Combining the most deserving, experienced, respected, professional private security companies into a self-regulating organization (SRO)


  • Development and approval of common basic security business standards and rules
  • Involvement of SRO members in legislative activities
  • Increasing a competence of SRO members in the application of legal and regulatory instruments
  • Growth of the prestige of the profession, credibility of the private security companies of SRO members at the federal level
  • Effective communication between SRO members and security service customers
  • Protection of the rights and interests of market participants, formation of corporate solidarity of the industry
  • Professional development of employees of SRO member companies
  • Combating unfair competition through SRO mechanisms
  • Implementation of third-party procedures in the security services market
  • Establishment of a system of collective insurance and a compensation fund for possible damages to customers of security services
  • Analysis of legal relations between SRO members, State institutions, society, the media and protection of corporate interests in case of conflicts
  • Interaction of SRO and its units with legislative, executive and judicial authorities at all levels