Insolvency (bankruptcy) and liquidation services are intended:

  • for the owners of the debtor to terminate the bankruptcy of the enterprise and the continuation of the business
  • for the owners of the debtor to liquidate the business if financial recovery is not possible
  • for the creditors of the debtor to collect receivables and enforce their interests in the insolvency of the debtor

Legal services for the debtor’s owners to preserve the business – termination of bankruptcy proceedings initiated by creditors:

  • Protection of the debtor’s interests against creditors’ claims
  • Preservation of the debtor’s property
  • Monitoring of the actions of the arbitrator (temporary, external, competitive)
  • Preparation and conclusion of a settlement agreement
  • Legal support for the settlement of arrears
  • Bankruptcy proceedings termination

Legal services to the owners of the debtor for the purpose of winding up the business in the case of impossibility for the debtor to recover financially:

  • Commencement of bankruptcy proceedings before an arbitral court in accordance with the procedure established by law
  • Legal support for the assignment of an arbitrator
  • Legal enforcement in case of insolvency
  • Legal support for the liquidation of an enterprise in accordance with the procedure established by law

Legal services to creditors for the payment of receivables:

  • Commencement of bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor
  • Challenges to a debtor’s prior disposition of assets
  • Analysis of the financial and business activities of the debtor to identify a fictitious (intentional) bankruptcy
  • Other statutory measures to repay debts in bankruptcy proceedings

Types of legal services in the sphere of bankruptcy and liquidation of enterprises:

  • Legal advice on bankruptcy and liquidation of enterprises
  • Legal support for bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings
  • Representation of interests before the arbitral court
  • Representation of interests in the police force, the Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • Representation of interests at meetings of creditors

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