Monetary disputes

List of legal services for creditors and debtors:

Legal services in judicial disputes regarding the recovery of receivables

  • Legal services to recover money received in an invalid transaction
  • Recovery of damages, recovery of liquidated damages judicially
  • Refund of money obtained through unfair enrichment proceedings judicially
  • Services to recover interest due to delay in fulfilling obligations, improper retention of ill-received funds
  • Legal services in rent recovery judicial disputes between lessors and lessee

Legal services on monetary obligations are addressed to:

  • Developers, customers, construction, investment and other companies operating in the construction industry
  • Service providers and their counter parties
  • Suppliers of goods, traders and buyers
  • Transport organizations and users of transport services
  • Lessors and lessees of real estate

Associated legal services in the course of performance and termination of a contract:

  • Protection of rights in disputes over termination, modification of contract
  • Compelling a party to execute the contract by a court
  • Recognition of a contract as invalid or not concluded judicially

Legal actions performed to advance the interests of the customer (creditor or debtor):

  • Examination of the debtor’s documents to determine the viability of the monetary claims submitted and the possibility of counterclaims
  • Review of creditor documents to determine whether monetary liabilities can be claimed
  • Legal services in preparation of procedural documents (preparation of letters of claim, statements of claim, responses to claims, complaints against court decisions)
  • Negotiation on behalf of the client
  • Representation in arbitration courts of all instances in relation to claims for financial obligations
  • Legal support for enforcement proceedings for the actual recovery of monetary means

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